As I sit here, almost a thousand miles away from where most of you must be reading this, the compounding question is what on earth I could write that would be relevant to a cohort of medical students on a different continent across the globe, that speak a language that I cannot even begin to make sense of and probably have a vastly different medical culture than the one I have been nurtured in for close to a decade, here in India. Lisandra (your editor) and I met on our most memorable trip to Harvard, Boston earlier in June this year. There were more than a hundred young medical graduates there from almost as many countries, and perhaps it was incredibly fortunate that we stayed in touch (thank you facebook). Never able to refuse a pretty girl anything (so far) when she asked me to write this article I of course agreed. So you must forgive my shortcomings on this piece, for I have never met you, nor have I ever been to Mexico and Spanish is all Greek to me!

India is not quite what most people that haven’t made it here in person would imagine it to be. Surprisingly we don’t have elephants in the streets, or snake charmers on our sidewalks. We wouldn’t expect to meet gold clad Maharajas or doe eyed beauty queens in our lifetime, and unlike our movies I have never seen people burst